The statements on this page are the terms and conditions in which company is willing to sell the advertised products to the general internet community. If at any time, any entity does not agree with any, parts, or these policies in its entirety, the entity is not to purchase any items from this site. Once the payment and checkout process has been completed by entity, they have entered into a legal and binding agreement with company. Entity may not at any time change, modify, or make any conclusions regarding the terms and conditions of the sale other than what is stated below. Buyer does not have the right or permission to alter this agreement under any circumstances.

Communication - Company has established a dedicated support site for all buyer's purchasing items from our website. If at any time after purchase buyer has any questions or comments they wish to state to company, they must go to to the support site with their inquiry. Buyer understands completely that company will not answer any buyer inquiries outside the established clearly defined methods of communication. Any buyer making any such actions to contact company outside these clearly defined parameters will not be accepted. The only stated method of contact between company and buyer is via the established support site and by no other means.

Buyer is also responsible for ensuring company can send correspondence to a fully functional email address which buyer will state on sales order. Buyer also understands they are totally responsible for the receipt of these emails from company. Buyer must ensure company correspondence has not been placed in trash / deleted folder, spam filtering devices or software must be able to accept emails from company.

Payments - There will be a security hold of no less than five business days for any payment being submitted for payment of items. Once full payment of item has been successfully cleared, the order will move to the next stage of being processed. Because of the transfer times, security clearance and other factors, this hold time has been established. Once a payment is submitted by buyer, the funds are in a pending status until they are cleared by the payment service and finalized by being deposited into company's corporate banka ccount. Only then is the payment been successfully been submitted and cleared. Buyer is responsible for having current and up to date information regarding their payment account, which is not limited to the address to were item is to be shipped to.

Sales - Sales regarding the final checkout and payment on goods purchased from this website are final. Buyer understands by completing the checkout process and submitting payment for any product(s) from this website are final. Buyer has had time to conduct the proper research into the products advertised on this website for whatever the buyer's use is for them. Buyer is responsible for researching any products sold on this website with buyer's needs. Company will not grant any refunds for items purchased on this website for whatever reason. Due to buyer conduct, this policy will be enforced.

Shipments - The shipments of products purchased from our online stores will be only shipped to the confirmed address which has been stated by the source of payment. The buyer is responsible to make sure the stated shipment address is valid and the courier has access to the stated address to complete the delivery of the product(s) purchased. Buyers will be asked to completed a shipment address validation upon processing of orders. Buyers who do not complete this form may experience a delay in the arrival of their product beyond the companys oficial shipment time due to the buyers unwillingness to complete such form.The length of shipment of product(s) will depend on courier, weather conditions, unforseen events, holidays, or any other events which may interfer with the courier's normal delivery process. Once the product has been released to the courier, company has no control over the shipment processes. Shipment charges of product are not refundable. The companys offiical statement of shipment time is that stated by federal guidelines regarding online mail order, which is four to six weeks from the sales date. Shipment courier is determined depending upon buyer shipment information, company may use any one of four sources United States Postal Service, United Parcel Services, Federal Express, or Global DHL.

Specifications and Advertisement - The product images and information displayed are for advertisement purposes only. The images are the respresentation of the item being purchase and does not reflect the actual item received by buyer. The buyer will receive similiar like item as pictured and technically compatiblity items. The items advertised Company reerves the right without notice to forfill orders with compatible or similar like items without notice to buyer. Items on site are pulls from working systems. Items which are classifed as new will have this condition placed in the product description or titles. with compatible items.Technical information is once again for general purposes only,if the buyer is unsure regarding the functionality of the product with the system item is being used for, the buyer must contact the manufacturer of the product directly. The buyer is legally responsible for reading the entire advertisement prior to purchase. The information displayed in each listing is exactly what they buyer will be receiving, unless otherwise stated in the products description. Buyer is also responsible for knowing the information contained in the products advertisement at all times.

Support - Buyer understands company will not give any technical information regarding any products being advertised on this website. Because these products require the expertise of a trained technician, company will not disclose any information of products purchased for compatibility, repair, upgrade, or any other usage the buyer might have with the purchased item. Buyer also undertands they are to obtained a manufacture licensed professional of the company which designed the product purchased to perform any such upgrades, repair, or replacement of products purchased from this site in order for buyer to have a warranty coverage. Company will exercise the right to demand a professional statement from a manufactured licensed technician as proof buyer has followed the terms and conditions stated on this page. Buyer will loose all warranty coverage if they cannot prove they are or have hired a manufactured licensed technician regarding the product purchased. Laptop batteries and laptop power adapters are excluded from this section due to the ease of installation.

Terms of Purchase - The terms of purchasing products from our online store is final. There will be no refunds of any nature for computer products and accessories. Buyer clearly understands once the checkout and payment for the item has been completed, the customer may under no circumstances cancel the transaction.

Warranty - the stated warranty coverage is for any products which arrive at the customers confirmed delivery address for a period of no more than 7 physical days from the delivery date. Buyer has this time period to contact company with any issues in which they think has resulted in receiving a product that is non functional. For buyer to have a legitimate claim, they must seek or be a qualified individual which has been certified by the manufacture of the product purchased. This certification is for products which has anything physical labor such as opening the computing system to install, replace, or pair any parts with the items purchased from this website. Items such as notebook charging adapters and notebook batteries are except from this requirement.

Notebook Batteries will be valid for warranty coverage for a period of less than thirty minutes of standalone. Which means the battery must be left charged for a period of no less than a 24 hour period of non usage, then left on for a period of thirty minutes at minimal power usage to have a valid wararnty. Cellular batteries will have a warranty coverage of twenty minutes of power under the same conditions as notebook systems. company does not specify actual power output of items nor does not guarantee performance of power duration of notebook or cellular batteries because of the unknown resources being used by the buyer. The buyer must obtain a RMA (return merchandise authorization) number to have item returned back at buyer's expense. Under normal circumstances, company will pay for shipment of working product back to buyer once the defective item has been received by company. Buyer is responsible for return shipping of defective item back to company and is responsible for making sure item is professionally packaged. There will be an allowance of 7 normal days for buyer to ensure item is received by company. All items will be inspected to ensure original item which buyer claims that is defective is that of which is returned. Serial numbers are recorded at the time of shipment to ensure product authenticity. Upon receipt of defective item from company, company will validate the actual item buyer received was that of the one sent by company. Upon successful inspection, company will replace item with similar like item, same part number, or compatible part number. Modification of product, abuse, inproper installation, or after warranty period expiration, product will become as is and will have no stated warranty implied.